Balita sa industriya

Pag-inspeksyon sa kawit ug kadena ug pag-amping aron magamit

Sama sa nahibal-an natong tanan, sa panahon nga gigamit ang mga lambuyog, angmga kaw-itug ang mga kadena mawad-an sa kadaghan sa mga oras nga gigamit ang pagdugang. Ang hinungdan ngano nga kinahanglan naton nga susihon angmga kaw-it and chains so as to ensure the safety of the hoisting operation, especially After the kaw-it and chain have been used for a while. How should we inspect all aspects of mga kaw-it and chains and what are the precautions? Precautions for the inspection of lifting mga kaw-it: As far as possible, the frequently used mga kaw-it should be inspected every season. The main purpose is to ensure the two possibilities of the kaw-it body and the dangerous section. When checking the lifting kaw-it, wash the kaw-it body with kerosene first, and then use a 20-fold magnifying glass to check the kaw-it body for cracks. If cracks are found, stop using it and replace with a new kaw-it.When the high degree of wear of the dangerous section reaches 10% of the original height, it also needs to be replaced in time. Precautions for the inspection of the lifting chain: The normal use temperature range of the lifting chain is between -40°C and 200°C, and it is forbidden to use irregular connectors to link between the chains during use. Avoid the phenomenon of overloading of the chain which will seriously affect the safe service life of the lifting sling. Through the above introduction, we must understand that the safety of the entire lifting operation is inseparable from the correct operation, and it is also inseparable from the inspection and maintenance of the various parts of the lifting sling, so when you use the kaw-it and chain It is necessary to do a good job of inspection in time, and pay attention to the precautions in the operation process, so as to effectively ensure that the lifting sling can achieve safe and reliable hoisting work.
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